Leaves of Los Angeles

       A series of large botanical watercolors made by closely observing natural elements found on specifically targeted streets and locations in Los Angeles.

     Leaves of Los Angeles, a project at Alias Books East in Los Angeles, California.

  These watercolor paintings are of leaves, fruits, and seed pods from streets that I go on every day, The specific locations held meaning for me in some way.  They are a personal account of the phenomena around me, a desire to be present and to see something clearly. In Buddhism they talk about trying to see reality through our mistaken perceptions, which are usually so clouded. I used this way of painting to focus on what’s right in front of me and be present.

A bizarre and magical thing happens when I look at these plants for a while. I can actually watch my perception shift as I settle in and focus on the object over a period of time. You stop looking and really start seeing. Brand new shapes and colors reveal themselves after a couple of hours of looking and painting something. I ask myself how it’s possible I didn’t see this (color, shape) before? I’m a pretty perceptive person. There is something really odd going on here in these moments; I’m watching this phenomenon of perception unfold and change before my eyes.

       This project also included Go Ahead and Touch It, an interactive piece in which trays of manipulatives--as we call them in early childhood--were available for guests to sort, dissect, draw, arrange, or observe. The trays held wood blocks and natural detritus --pods, seeds, rocks, branches, and flowers--collected over the year in the same Los Angeles locations.

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