Stephanie Stein B. 1961


Stephanie Stein was born and raised in New York City. She received a BFA in Printmaking from the Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) and spent a year studying at Temple University Rome and traveling in Europe and North Africa. She is working on a Masters of Human Development from Pacific Oaks College and is studying the Reggio Emilia approach to the arts in early childhood.

She lives and shows her work in Los Angeles and New York.

In her paintings Stein offers for our consideration the sometimes uneasy coexistence of opposites: sky and earth, conflict and harmony, destruction and creation. The work is pervaded by a sense of anxious longing to make distance between the self and the busy confusions of the world.

“I like sending things out to sea, so to speak, to look at things from afar.  The landscapes I paint are about a longing to locate ourselves in place and about the systems we create to orient our interiority in the exterior world. I think I'm trying to make sense of my scale on this earth and the impact or meaning that might have."

Stein explains, "I grew up in the dark, defunct (but totally alive) 1970s in NYC near the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I spent many cold and rainy afternoons staring at the paintings. In my young adult years I found myself totally transfixed by the enormous Chinese landscape paintings there. They had a big impact on my work.  I have always had this bizarre thirst for looking at the land and they satisfied that longing.

The landscapes I paint are never from photographs. They are just fixtures inside my mind. I like to paint and just feel what it would be like in that place. They are my attempts to comprehend the physical world intuitively."


Exhibition History:

Solo shows:

Orienteering Interiority Recent Landscapes

Winslow's Garage Los Angeles, CA 2016

Leaves Of Los Angeles: Botanical watercolors

Alias Books East. Los Angeles, CA 2014

Loops: Large scale graphite drawings

Alias Books East. Los Angeles, CA 2013

Antebellum/ Puffs of Smoke in Tender Bays Watercolor pharmaceuticals 

An Orange Door Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2012


Group shows:

Groundspace Project Art Party. Los Angeles, CA 2015

Doing Pennants. 5th floor Gallery, Los Angeles. 2013


52/52 Show. Co-op 28 Gallery. Los Angeles, CA 2011


Connect the Dots. Yoho Studio's, NY 2011


Prelude to… Liloveve Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2011


Open Call. Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2010


The Big Show. Silas Marder Gallery. Bridgehampton, NY  2008


The spaces In-Between. Silas Marder, Bridgehampton, NY 2008


The Big Show. Silas Marder Gallery  Bridgehampton , NY 2007


NNS Show.Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles 2007


Small Wonders III. Pharmaka. Los Angeles, CA 2007


Trans-ient Spaces Gallery. East Hampton, NY 2007


Spaces In-between. Silas Marder Gallery. Bridgehampton, NY  2007


The Big Show. Silas Marder Gallery. Bridgehampton, NY 2006


Gallery Show. Ghetto Gloss Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2005


NNS Show. Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2005